Monday, 8 November 2010

thanks death cab

Its unimaginable just how many times i've listened to the narrow stairs album in the last week. I don't do fanart, but apparently I just did, lets call it a homage to my very creative process in general, which has been pretty much fuelled by listening to death cab for cutie's albums over and over in the last few years.
I like the idea of clashing colour spectrums, might try that some more, I do love discovering something I like the look of by just doing this sort of mess around posters for no real reason at 1am.
Side note: will start posting more reguarly, promise!

(Slight edit: after I did this and posted it, changed it to the one with the texture without feathers... think i prefer it without, also a bit of practice giving things old poster texture, learnt a new method, gave it a go, looks pretty alright, getting there anyway).

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