Saturday, 31 July 2010

Home Sweet Home

(get it? because lumps of sugar are sweet, and they'e in a little house)

Friday, 30 July 2010

Dirty Sexy Woman

Just a little design for my bands latest single "Dirty Sexy Woman".
I'll chuck together a few more designs soon too, but this is a possible one.
I should of used Indesign come to think of it, but i've only got photoshop on my laptop, so this is a temporary mockup.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Pirate Cave WIP - Started photoshopping.

Heres a little section of the piece that I've done so far. Things still need a bit of work, the rest of the image is maybe halfway through shading, maybe not even that. I'm pretty happy with the way this has come out so far though. The water texture will be changed to something that fits better... in fact the whole image was going to rely on textures, but I'm not sure thats a good idea anymore.
We'll see.
I've used a lot more layers than I usually do, for detail and lighting, the lighting is something I'm pretty happy with, as well as the white lines in the water which are my favourite bits so far, little things like this are adding more depth than my previous work has, which i'm very happy with!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Pirate Cove wip - block colour

Stage 2 of my working process. Using adobe illustrator I've live traced my scanned line work so its now a vector. I've then spent a very long time using the paint bucket tool and live paint to colour everything. Sometimes there are gaps, and it is VERY annoying... it takes a while to adjust those.
You'll notice the missing background, I'll use photoshop to fill that in with texture, same goes for the big areas of block gold.
Next stage is to shade EVERYTHING with 2 layers of darken and 1 lighten using photoshop... I'll update as and when It looks worth updating, but that stage could take me a good 15 hours continuous work... which I don't have the luxury of at the moment, due to working an AWFUL minimum wage job. I reckon maybe a few days though.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Pirate Cover wip - line work

I've never really shown how my work gets done, so with my newest photoshop piece, I'll upload it at various stages of its readiness.

This is the linework pre-vector. I draw it all by hand with my trusty 3H pencil, then with the steadiest hand I can muster, I use my beautiful .25 Rotring ink pen to line it, ideally leaving as few gaps in the lines as possible (although I've started to think It's impossible to not get a single gap).

The grey mess in the middle is where I've merged two scans, I draw A3, but only have an A4 scanner, so I have to a lot of jigsaw piecing things together, which is a monumental pain in the ass.

Next stage will be to vector the lines, and block colour the whole image.
Watch this space to see how that turns out (probably tomorrow as I've got to get ready for work in a minute)

Sweeter times.

Europe Is so colourful, I took this photo a few years ago, I'm gonna go to Europe again, for a bit longer... England's doing nothing but bringing me down. Its time for a change of scenery. The planning starts now.

Cinema Graphics

Did a bit of graphics design stuff for a friend on the Digital Film Production course at the Uni of Gloucestershire. Was pretty good actually, I've always toyed with the idea of doing a bit of graphics, and I enjoyed this. Tried to give the cover and some parts of the interior a sort of 50's Deco cinema feel. The actually book looks really nice, my scanner didn't do the best of jobs, but you get the idea.