Sunday, 16 January 2011

Total Jerk

So over the last many many hours, me and Oli Read have been building the Total Jerk website.
Total Jerk is the design collective/ t-shirt brand that me, Oli Read, Elliott Langford, Rich Walton and Rob Juggins created and run.
Go check out our website (I totally coded and co-designed that little doozy)

I'll post about this again when the shops properly running


  1. Looks cool man, Was wondering if you might be able to help me with my website/wordpress blog, looking to go for something a bit snazzyier than my currnet basic theme haha.

    Liking the site and the shirts, If you ever want some outside artwork or something I would be honoured to have a crack at a t-shirt design :)

    talk soon man

  2. I could give you a hand with some web-design stuff etc if you want.
    tbh, I recommend getting in early and learning some html anyway, its pretty easy to do and once you know, you know. You'll find towards the professional practice stages of university everyone will be wanting websites, I got a lot of free beers/meals out of helping people out with the technical side of things that they couldn't get their heads around. (I didn't like charging mates, but if a free drink or two was going, why the hell not!)
    But like I said, I can give you some pointers etc if you want some time.

    And thanks, glad you like the Jerk website! the shop will be ready REAL soon, when we get ourselves established and that we might think about guest artists and such. We haven't properly launched yet, so we're still waiting to see how well things sell. I'll keep you posted though!