Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Drake and the Sea Dogs

What we have here is the special edition album for Drake and the Sea Dogs album. Its all pre-production concept work really, but the idea is that the special edition of the album will come on a small 64mb usb stick (or 128 if necessary) attached to string on a treasure map and in a bottle.

The beauty of this concept is that it becomes an obvious valued collectible, but remains (relatively) cheap for the band to manufacture. The bottles will all be recycled beer bottles, the artwork is all one colour and so would be screen printed onto tea stained paper. On top of this, a batch of low memory flash sticks would be the main cost, as well as, of course time and effort.

The concept makes for a beautiful DIY finished piece which would then sell for a LOT more than the cost of production. The idea of recycled paper could also be dabbled with, as well as possibly old unwanted usb sticks. It is as DIY as the band wishes to take it.

Of course there would also be a standard cd edition. But I wanted to create a new and exciting way of packaging a bands album and I think I have achieved this whilst also playing to the bands style or pirate sea shanties.

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