Monday, 12 July 2010

Pirate Cover wip - line work

I've never really shown how my work gets done, so with my newest photoshop piece, I'll upload it at various stages of its readiness.

This is the linework pre-vector. I draw it all by hand with my trusty 3H pencil, then with the steadiest hand I can muster, I use my beautiful .25 Rotring ink pen to line it, ideally leaving as few gaps in the lines as possible (although I've started to think It's impossible to not get a single gap).

The grey mess in the middle is where I've merged two scans, I draw A3, but only have an A4 scanner, so I have to a lot of jigsaw piecing things together, which is a monumental pain in the ass.

Next stage will be to vector the lines, and block colour the whole image.
Watch this space to see how that turns out (probably tomorrow as I've got to get ready for work in a minute)

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