Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Pirate Cove wip - block colour

Stage 2 of my working process. Using adobe illustrator I've live traced my scanned line work so its now a vector. I've then spent a very long time using the paint bucket tool and live paint to colour everything. Sometimes there are gaps, and it is VERY annoying... it takes a while to adjust those.
You'll notice the missing background, I'll use photoshop to fill that in with texture, same goes for the big areas of block gold.
Next stage is to shade EVERYTHING with 2 layers of darken and 1 lighten using photoshop... I'll update as and when It looks worth updating, but that stage could take me a good 15 hours continuous work... which I don't have the luxury of at the moment, due to working an AWFUL minimum wage job. I reckon maybe a few days though.

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